Tripadvisor Best Of The Best Awards

Tripadvisor Best of the Best Awards logo
Tripadvisor Best of the Best Awards logo

Tripadvisor Best Of The Best Awards

Tripadvisor Best of the Best Awards logo

Woof! Hi everyone, its Missy the Puppy the head of marketing Hidden Howth Experiences! Today, we are thrilled to share some remarkable news that has left us beaming and wagging our tails with pride: our two flagship tours have been recognized as some of the best in the country by TripAdvisor!

Dublin Coastal Hikes & Pints with Missy – Ranked 3rd Best in Ireland

Picture yourself strolling through the breathtaking landscapes of Howth, Ireland’s hidden gem, with the majestic Atlantic Ocean by your side. As you explore the beauty of the Emerald Isle, I, Missy, will be there to add my own unique touch. While Mark shares captivating tales of history and folklore of Howth, I’ll be wagging my tail and offering my furry charm to make your experience even more delightful.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or just looking for an extraordinary way to connect with Ireland’s rugged beauty, our ‘Hikes & Pints with Missy’ tour has it all. From lush green hills to the soothing sounds of the sea, every step is an adventure. And when the journey comes to an end, there’s no better way to celebrate the day’s escapades than with a visit to a local pub. It’s the perfect opportunity to savor the unique atmosphere of the Emerald Isle, all while toasting to our unforgettable adventures together.

The Dublin Coastal Craft Beer & Seafood Tour – Ranked 10th Best in Ireland

Not to be overshadowed, our ‘Craft Beer & Seafood Tour’ has also been recognized, securing the 20th spot on the TripAdvisor list. This culinary and cultural experience offers participants a chance to savor the freshest seafood while exploring the charming village of Howth.

From the bustling fishing harbor to delightful food tastings, this tour gives you a taste of the authentic Howth lifestyle. You’ll have the opportunity to sample locally sourced seafood, enjoy craft beers, and gain a deeper appreciation for Ireland’s rich culinary traditions.

This recognition from TripAdvisor is not just a feather in our cap; it’s a testament to our dedication to providing immersive and engaging experiences for our guests. Our mission has always been to help travelers uncover the hidden beauty, history, and culture of Howth, and it’s an honor to be acknowledged as one of the best in the country.

As we celebrate this incredible recognition, we also want to extend our deepest gratitude to our guests. Without your curiosity, adventurous spirit, and love for Ireland, none of this would be possible.

If you’re planning a trip to Ireland or looking for unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary, we invite you to explore Howth with Hidden Howth Experience. Come and join us on our award-winning tours, and discover the heart and soul of this enchanting corner of the world.

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