Paws and Play: The World’s Best Selling Virtual Tour

The Worlds Top Selling Virtual Tours

Paws and Play: The World’s Best Selling Virtual Tour

The Worlds Top Selling Virtual Tours

Irish Village, History, Culture & Craic – St Patrick’s Special

Woof and welcome to Hidden Howth Experiences! 🐾 I’m Missy, your furry guide to all things fun, historical, and uniquely Irish. My human, Mark, and I have sniffed out adventures far and wide, but nothing beats the wag-tastic journey we share with friends from around the globe on our Virtual Irish Village, History, Culture, and Craic Tour. Guess what? It’s the #1 best-selling virtual tour in the world! Perfect for remote teams and a howl of a time during St. Patrick’s week. Ready to chase some tales with me?

Why This Tour Is a Tail-Wagger:

Imagine exploring the nooks and crannies of an Irish village without having to worry about who’s watching your fur babies because, on this tour, I’m leading the pack! It’s not just any walkies, though. We’ve got quizzes, music, stunning views, and stories that’ll make your tail wag faster than you can say “fetch”!

Sniff Out the Adventure:

  • Quizzes to Keep You on Your Paws: Test your knowledge on everything Irish. It’s like a game of fetch, but with fun facts and history!
  • Bark Along to Live Music: Nothing gets my tail wagging like the sound of traditional Irish music. You’ll be howling with joy!
  • Scenic Walkies: I’ll show you around Howth’s breathtaking landscapes through your screen. It’s almost like you’re right here with me, sniffing the fresh air!
  • Tales Older Than My Favorite Bone: I’ve dug up stories of history, myths, and legends that are sure to captivate.
  • Giggles and Woofs: Mark and I have some funny anecdotes to share that’ll make you feel like part of our pack.

The Ultimate Pack Activity for Remote Teams

Finding ways to keep your human pack connected can be ruff. Our virtual tour brings everyone together for an experience that’s as close to a group walkies as you can get online. It’s a pawsome way to bond, learn, and have a ball!

A St. Patrick’s Celebration to Bark About

St. Patrick’s week is a big deal around here, and what better way to celebrate than with a tour that’s green at heart? It’s a fun-filled way to experience the luck of the Irish, no matter where in the world your kennel is located.

How to Join the Pack

Ready for an adventure that’s sure to keep your tail wagging? Visit Hidden Howth Experiences and book your spot on our Virtual Irish Village tour. It’s a journey filled with laughter, learning, and loads of puppy love.

Follow Our Tracks

Keep up with our adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There’s plenty of Missy to go around, from snapshots of our tours to my daily frolics through Howth. Join our growing pack and never miss a moment of fun or a new trail to explore.

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