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Embark on an educational and adventurous journey with Hidden Howth Experiences, perfect for Student Groups and Language Schools. Our tailor-made excursions in the scenic and historic village of Howth offer a unique blend of learning, exploration, and fun, designed to enrich and engage young minds.

Our days out are curated to ensure a memorable and educational experience for students of all ages. Whether it’s for language improvement, historical exploration, or environmental education, Hidden Howth Experiences offers an ideal setting for student learning and enjoyment.

Our Experiences Include:

  • Ancient Village & Castle Estate Tour: Step into the pages of history with our Ancient Village & Castle Tour. This interactive excursion is an excellent opportunity for students to explore Howth’s rich heritage. As they wander through ancient ruins and majestic castles, they’ll gain invaluable insights into Irish history and culture. This tour is not just an educational trip but a chance to experience the essence of historical learning in one of Ireland’s most storied settings.
  • Dublin Coastal Hike: Encourage students to connect with nature on our Dublin Coastal Hike. This guided adventure along Howth’s rugged coastline is a wonderful way for students to appreciate natural beauty while learning about the local ecology and geography. The hike offers breathtaking views of the Irish Sea, providing a serene backdrop for outdoor education and environmental awareness.
  • Howth Scavenger Hunt: Add an element of excitement with our Howth Scavenger Hunt. This activity is designed to promote teamwork, problem-solving, and language skills as students navigate through the village, uncovering clues and completing challenges. It’s a fun, engaging way to explore Howth’s hidden gems, perfect for language schools and student groups looking to combine learning with adventure.

We can also put together a range of activities to suit all time frames, groups sizes and budgets.

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