Hidden Howth Experiences

Irish Village, History, Culture & Craic Experience

Great for Corporate Teams & All Family Occasions!

Connect with your Group, Laugh & Learn everything you've always wanted to know about the Emerald Isle


We different formats that can be personalised to suit your event - and it can be as interactive as you want - Just Ask!!

This is not your standard historical experience - It is fully interactive, with wonderous storytelling, amazing views, chat, quizzes, Irish Music, Culture & Irish Craic (the Legal Stuff lol)

By combining all these elements your Team/Family will learn hilarious Irish Names, compete in ridiculous Irish trivia, learn quirky stories, hear about the Myths & Legends that make Ireland such a magical destination,  all while connecting, interacting, and engaging with each other.

Giants carved the coastlines, fairies dwell deep in the forests, and luck flows through every landscape - Ireland is full of great stories and I will share my favourites, that are sure to have you sitting in disbelief or rolling on the floor laughing.

We ask & answer all those questions:

Leprechauns & Fairies - Friends or Foes?

What would St Patrick really think about how his special day is celebrated?

Is Whiskey Really the Water of Life?

What was Ireland's Original Colour - Green or .....?

You will be immersed in the culture as we delve into all things Irish and learn what having the Craic Really Means!!

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