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Corporate days out can be boring, or they can be awesome….

Elevate your team’s spirit with Hidden Howth Experiences’ Corporate Team Building Days in Howth, where breathtaking adventures and authentic Irish experiences come together.

Tailored for businesses looking to foster team spirit, encourage collaboration, and offer a unique getaway, our team building days are packed with activities that cater to all tastes and interests.

Our Corporate Team Building Days in Howth are more than just events; they’re opportunities for your team to grow closer, build lasting memories, and experience the best of Irish culture and hospitality.

Afterwards, we finish in a local Irish pub, where we can arrange drinks, food and entertainment as a perfect ending to the day.

Activities can include:

  • Breathtaking Walking & Hiking Tours in Howth: Step into the natural splendor of Howth with our guided walking and hiking tours. These adventures are perfect for team-building, offering panoramic views of the Irish Sea and Howth’s rugged landscapes. Engage your team in a memorable outdoor experience, boosting morale and promoting teamwork.
  • Craft Beer & Seafood Trail: Delight in Howth’s renowned culinary scene with our Craft Beer & Seafood Trail. This gourmet journey offers teams a chance to bond over exquisite local seafood and premium craft beers, enhancing team dynamics through shared gastronomic delights.
  • Experience the Local Craft Brewery Tour: Explore the artistry of Howth’s brewing on our Local Craft Brewery Tour. An excellent opportunity for teams to connect outside the office, this tour combines learning, tasting, and socializing, perfect for corporate retreats and team-building events
  • Boat Trip around Ireland’s Eye: Embark on a scenic boat trip around the enchanting Ireland’s Eye. This activity not only offers team members a chance to relax and interact but also provides an unforgettable backdrop for strengthening team connections.
  • Irish Trad Music Session: Immerse in the lively atmosphere of an Irish Trad Music session. This cultural experience is ideal for teams to enjoy together, fostering a sense of unity and enjoyment through the rhythms of traditional Irish music.
  • Golf in Howth’s Scenic Settings: Engage in friendly competition with a round of golf amidst Howth’s picturesque landscapes. This leisurely activity is perfect for corporate groups looking to combine networking with relaxation.
  • Tailored Food & Drinks Packages: Our diverse food and drinks packages cater to all tastes, ensuring every team member enjoys a culinary experience that suits their preferences. From casual bites to fine dining, we provide a range of options to complement your team-building day.

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