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Saints & Sinners, The Awesome Irish Game

Great for Corporate Teams & All Family Occasions!

Connect with your Group, Laugh & Learn everything you've always wanted to know about the Emerald Isle

How well do you think you know the Irish? Well buckle up for a Culture shock, as we take you through all things Irish on our Saints & Sinners Game!!

Through unique storytelling and insane Quizzes & Games your Team/ Family will have a chance to bond and laugh together at the crazy Antics of the Irish through the years.

There are loads of great Team bonding activities:

A (Car) Crash Course in the Gaelic (Irish) Language - How do you really pronounce Saoirse - Put on your best Irish Accent!

What does having the Craic really mean and many more Crazy Irish Phrases & sayings!

A Whacky True or False section that is sure to have you sitting in disbelief and wondering what must they be putting in the Irish Water.

Nickname that Statue & Having the Craic Sections, with loads of Funny Anecdotes & One liners

We Ask & Answer all those Weird questions:

Leprechauns & Fairies - Friends or Foes?
What would St Patrick really think about how his special day is celebrated?
Is Whiskey Really the Water of Life?
& much much More.......

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