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Plan Your Trip to Ireland With Mark & Missy

Planning a trip to Ireland? Looking to avoid all the tourist traps and find those unique off the beaten tracks spots known only to locals?

When's the best time to travel? How many days should you spend here? Where can I discover those off the Beaten track places known only to Locals, as well as enjoying all the main Attractions that have made Ireland Famous!!

On this experience I will answer all these questions and many more - giving you insights and recommendations to make about your upcoming vacation the trip of  a Lifetime and have you the envy of your friends!!

Who serves the Best Freshest Guinness? Where has the best live music? And what is having the Craic?- and is it even legal.

Are you more interested in food? shopping? museums? fashion? we'll plan, search and discuss as much as you want to!

So no matter what type of trip you are planning – family vacations, weekend getaways, girls/boys trips or solo adventures - this is your opportunity to to gain the inside knowledge direct from an Irishman!!

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