Hidden Howth Experiences

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Mark’s on the Radio

Mark Also Managed to get himself on 98fm radio to highlight the re opening of in person experiences – As it was radio you can’t see me – But I am there in a supervisory role – Check it out

Back On The Cliffs Again

After over a year of Lockdown we are now finally able to open up the In person experiences to Guests – Mark is Excited, but to be honest, I was I was getting quite used to lazing around the house with Mom and Dad and eating and drinking – I think this was the life…
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Mark’s in The News

Missing foreign travel? Don’t fret, there are Hidden gems here at home

Launching the Virtual Howth Village & Cliff Walk Tour

After months of planning and videoing all over Howth Village and Howth Cliff Walk – Mark looks set to launch his Virtual Howth Village and Cliff Walk Tour. I love this experience, because I don’t actually have to walk anywhere to do anything – I get to sit relax in the warmth and eat treats…
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Mark’s New Gadget (360 camera)

So Mark went and invested in a new 360 degree Camera (insta360 one x), he thinks it will revolutionise the way tours are done in the future – Frankly I’m skeptical, but its his money. We are in the middle of this Covid thing and the number of visitors we’ve had in the last month…
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Missy Launches New Blog

After years of letting Mark do all the talking, I have decided to take matters into my own paws and let you know the real story behind the tours. I will let you see how things really happen from the ground up and show you who is the real star behind each and every experience.…
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