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Mark’s New Gadget (360 camera)

Mark’s New Gadget (360 camera)

So Mark went and invested in a new 360 degree Camera (insta360 one x), he thinks it will revolutionise the way tours are done in the future – Frankly I’m skeptical, but its his money. We are in the middle of this Covid thing and the number of visitors we’ve had in the last month is zero, so this is at least keeping him busy.

Mark has asked me to direct you all to our youtube page if you want to look at some of the 360 footage he has put up recently – in fairness to him the video showing inside the old Howth castle tower was amazing (but if he had of attached the camera to me, I’d have got a better shot inside). Actually scrap that – i don’t want him thinking he can attach that to me and follow my every move – I want to keep some things private!!

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